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Track A Claim

Claims service you can count on.

Quickly and easily check the status of your claim and get step-by-step help with the claims process. With Allstate's 24/7 claims support, you can get answers to your claims questions day or night.

Check on the progress of your claim.

Depending on your situation, there's a different process for tracking your claim with Allstate. Choose the description below that best fits you for the quickest way to find your claim.

I'm an Allstate customer

After filing a claim, you can log into My Account to track its progress quickly and easily. If you haven't set up an account yet, you can register at any time.

Register for My Account Log in to track a claim

I'm an Allstate customer involved in a claim with another Allstate customer

To view an Allstate claim that is not associated with your Allstate policy, you'll need to create a third-party account and log in to track your claim online.

Create third-party account Log into third-party account

I'm NOT an Allstate customer

If you don't have Allstate insurance, you can still create a guest account and then log into My Account to track your claim online.

Create guest account > Log into guest account >

More ways to track a claim.

You can get updates about your claim's status in many ways. Allstate provides you with a variety of options for getting quick and convenient claims support.

Access 24/7 claims service by calling

Track your claim using the Allstate® Mobile app. Don't have the app? Text ALLSTATEAPP to 25788 to get a link to download.

Contact your agent for claims assistance.

Fast track claims assistance.

If you have already filed a claim, you can use your claim number to get in touch with your claims team representative

Find contact info

What happens after you file a claim?

Viewing your claim online can help you understand the current status of your claim. Though various types of claims are handled a little differently, the list below can help you get a basic idea of what to expect.

A smiling wife leans down to embrace her husband over his shoulders while they check the status of their claim from his phone.
  • Third Parties—If you were in a car accident with another driver, Allstate may contact that driver’s insurance company on your behalf to obtain details about the accident. Fault may be determined after all the information is gathered.
  • Inspections—Allstate may assist you with scheduling an inspection of your car or home to assess the level of damage and what kinds of repairs may be needed.
  • Repairs—After you receive an inspection and an estimate of damages, you can begin the process of repairing your home or car.
  • Payments—Based on your policy provisions, terms and coverage, your claims adjuster will discuss your settlement with you. In the event your claim involved a third party, Allstate may work to settle any payments with that party or their insurance company.

Additional resources to help with your claim.

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